Pomegranate Syrup

One thing is clear - pomegranate is more than an exotic fruit fad. This tart superfruit has gone from hot trend to menu super star. Finest Call Pomegranate Syrup contains real pomegranate juice so the fruit's natural flavor shines through in your cocktail. Use it to effortlessly create your next signature drink or spice up your tea, lemonade or sparkling water.

• Add just a touch to give any cocktail the tart, sweet, satisfying flavor of pomegranate

• Finest Call uses real pomegranate juice to ensure that the fruit's natural goodness shines through


»Color: Dark burgundy, clear

»Flavor: Sweet, acidic and of pomegranate

»Shelf Life: Unopened - 24 months / Opened - 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated
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