Huckleberry Syrup

The huckleberry tastes similar to a blueberry, but more robust and complex with a slightly more tart note. Distinctive for its rich purple color and high anti-oxidant level, this Northwest berry can help create a colorful twist on numerous classic cocktails.

• A little tart and a little sweet...this juice based syrup is the perfect product to add a very interesting twist to a multitude of classic cocktail recipes

• The huckleberry is an uncultivated fruit similar in color and flavor to a blueberry typically found in the American Pacific Northwest


»Color: Dark burgundy, clear

»Flavor: Sweet, astringent, reminding of blueberries; typical of huckleberry

»Shelf Life: Unopened - 24 months / Opened - 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated
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