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Premium Lime Sour

This revolutionary new cocktail mix delivers the taste of freshly squeezed fruit in a convenient shelf stable form. We've used only the highest quality single-pressed lemon and Persian lime juice, never concentrated, with a blend of all natural lemon, lime and orange oils so sour cocktails have a truly fresh taste. We add in all-natural sweeteners including agave nectar for an authentic finishing touch.

• Made with single pressed lemon and lime juice...

not from concentrate!

• All-natural sweeteners including agave nectar

• Great for on the rocks, blended and frozen cocktail machines

• Pressure packed to guarantee maximum shelf life for fresh juices.


» Color: Opaque, light yellow to slightly green

» Flavor: Fresh, juicy lime flavor with hints of lemon and orange

» Shelf Life: Unopened - 9 months/ Opened - 9 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated
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